Asian Vegetables

The Asian Vegetable world is the endless array of greens, most are low-land vegetables and others are cultivated in cooler highland areas. These greens are available year round, but like any hearty greens, they are best when there is a bit of a nip in the air. Let us inspire you to try something different this Christmas! Green Bean casserole!

Green beans casserole is usually a staple at the table in the season of Christmas. Using fresh green beans and fresh mushrooms would be the best way to go with the recipe.

Green beans, while quite low in calorie, are loaded with nutrients. This green has an excellence source of Vitamin C and good source of Vitamin A notable through their concentration of beta-carotene. If using fresh green beans, select fresh looking produce that is firm. The best indicator of freshness is an absence of black spots and shriveling.

Mushrooms are well known with full of vitamins and minerals .They have been classified as one of the highest antioxidant vegetable in the world. The high concentration of Vitamin B is great for healthy skin. Shiitake, Enoki and Oyster mushrooms were the most popular ingredient is Asian cooking. Look for fresh mushrooms that are plump and moist.