Lemon Grass & Kaffir Lime Leaves

Besides acting as a plant based insect repellent in these products, the lemony aroma and calming effect from citronella oil allows this herb to be used extensively in aromatherapy, cosmetics and the perfume industry.

Cymbopogon citrates also known as serai or sereh, is widely used in Asian curries and soups. The citrus flavor with a hint of ginger makes this herb blend well with poultry, seafood and meat. In Africa and Latin America, lemon grass is used as a tea because of its calming effect that acts as an antidepressant. Many believe that lemon grass tea helps to detoxify the liver, pancreas, digestive system and kidneys but there is no official study to support such claims.

At WORLDFOODS, we believe the key to great Asian meals is to use 100% natural, fresh, authentic herbs and spices as ingredients. And we do just that. Because of its citrusy aroma and flavor that blends well with poultry, meat and seafood, we have used lemon grass in many WORLDFOODS products. To name a few:

  • WORLDFOODS paste such as Red Curry Paste, Green Curry Paste, Yellow Curry Paste and Tom Yum Paste;
  • WORLDFOODS ready to pour sauce such as Malaysian Rendang Sauce, Malaysian Vegetable Curry Sauce, Thai Red Curry Sauce, Thai Green Curry Sauce, Thai Yellow Curry Sauce;
  • WORLDFOODS cooking sauces such as IndoChina Cambodian Pineapple Stir Fry Sauce, Thai Basil Curry Sauce, Thai Ginger Lemon Grass Stir Fry Sauce, Cambodian Chili Stir Fry sauce, Thai Creamy Chili Kaffir Lime Stir Fry Sauce and many more;
  • WORLDFOODS marinades such as Thai Turmeric Lemon Grass Marinade;
  • WORLDFOODS salad dressing such as Vietnamese Garlic Lemon Grass;
  • WORLDFOODS Dipping sauce such as Thai Sweet Chili with Kaffir Lime sauce.

Lemon grass, an ingredient that is believed to have detoxifying effects on the body; acts as a calming agent in aromatherapy; as for WORLDFOODS lemon grass, it is simply a natural herb that we use to bring out the exotic flavors of Asian cuisine.


Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime, also known as Citrus Hystrix or Kieffir Lime or limau purut, is a type of lime that is native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves are more widely used in Thai cuisine than its fruit. The shape of Kaffir lime leaves resemble a figure eight as they grow stem to stem in pairs. Their glossy dark green leaves are packed with a tangy lime aroma and an intense citrusy flavor that cannot be easily substituted. These leaves can be frozen or dried to be used later, but the frozen or dried leaves do not have such an intense aroma and flavor compared to fresh leaves. It is therefore recommended to use twice as many dried leaves to compensate the loss of flavor that happens during the drying process.

There are some health benefits towards using Kaffir lime leaves. Some use the leaves to maintain healthy teeth and gums, some add it to their shampoo to prevent hair loss. Because of its distinctly exotic aroma and flavor that blends well with curries, stew, seafood, noodle dishes, soups and salads, we use Kaffir lime leaves as part of the ingredients in many WORLDFOODS products such as WORLDFOODS curry pastes, WORLDFOODS stir-fry sauces, WORLDFOODS dipping sauces and WORLDFOODS cooking sauces.

Try one of these products from WORLDFOODS and you will taste our commitment towards bringing the most authentic Asian cuisine to your table.