Cooking Solutions

The WORLDFOODS’ Cooking Solutions are concentrate of flavours and are extremely versatile. Use them as they are to create an authentic meal or as a base to create fusion of Asian flavours with your favourite recipes. The possibilities are endless, no matter which flavour becomes your favourite.

Singaporean Nyonya Laksa Paste

A spicy aromatic paste laced with specific herbs and spices to create the authentic Nyonya Curry Laksa broth with chicken, seafood and tofu served over fresh hot noodles. The paste is also suitable for stir-fry. 



Energy (168kJ/41kcal), Protein 0.0g, Carbohydrate 2.6g, of which sugars 1.9g, Total Fat 2.5g, of which saturates 2.1g, Fibre 4.1g, Salt 1.2g.


Water, Onion, Galangal, Dried Chilli, Lemon grass, Salt, Coriander, Sugar, Starch, Turmeric, Yeast Extract.