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A simple definition for seafood would be food from the sea, but little do we realise the various healthy benefits seafood gives us. From fish to shellfish, each seafood has a distinct taste and flavour truly pleasing to your taste buds. Together with our WORLDFOODS range, take seafood to a totally delicious and incredibly mouth-watering level.

A Progression of Three Prawns
recipe by Chef Chris
Baked Fish Curry
Burmese Pineapple Fish
Burmese Pineapple Seafood Medley
Butterfly Prawns with Pineapple Lemon Grass Sauce
Cambodian Chilli Prawn Crumble
Cambodian Lemongrass Shrimp
recipe by Bee Yinn Low
Chilli Kaffir Lime Battered Soft Shell Crab with Tandoori Cream
recipe by Chef Chris
Chilli Prawns with Coriander
Chilli Prawns with Kaffir Lime
Coconut Chilli Prawns
Creamy Galangal Butter Prawn
Crispy Galangal Butter Fish Fingers
Crispy Salt and Pepper Calamari
Curry Roasted Prawns with Sweet Oranges
Fish Steaks with Spinach
Fish in Yellow Curry Sauce
Fish with Chinese Ginger Garlic
Fried Clams with Ginger Garlic Chilli Sauce
Fried Chilli Calamari
Green Curry of Prawns
Green Prawn Curry with Angle Hair Pasta
Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf
Grilled Swordfish with Pineapple & Dill Chutney
Indonesian Sweet Tamarind Calamari
Kaeng Khua Sap-Pa-Rod
recipe by Kwanjit Tantimuratha
Lemongrass Coconut Milk Fish Pot Pie
Malaysian Fish Rendang
Pan-seared Fish with Fish Mousse and Red Curry
recipe by Chef Anne
Prawn & Vegetable Stir-Fry with Tamarind Sauce
Salmon Canape with Lemongrass-Potato Mash
Scallops & Bok Choy Stir Fry
Sea Bass with Thai Basil Curry Stir-Fry Sauce
Seafood Bouillabaisse
recipe by Chef Looi
Seafood tom yum with quail egg
recipe by Baby Sumo
Seared Prawns with Mint & Yogurt Chutney
Spicy Coconut Fish Fillets
Spicy Seafood 'Pad Cha'
Spicy Sweet & Sour Fish
Simply Grilled Salmon
Steamed Mixed Seafood Cake
Stir-Fry Calamari with Sweet Chilli Kaffir Lime
Stir fry Prawn and Calamari with Celery
Stir-Fry Prawn with Sweet Chilli Kaffir Lime
Sweet & Sour Prawns
Tandoori Fish
Tamarind Prawns
Tandoori Prawns
Thai Basil Curry Prawn
Thai Coconut & Galangal Seafood
recipe by Bee Yinn Low
Thai Ginger Lemon Grass Prawn Stir-Fry
Thai Green Prawn Curry
Thai Jasmine Rice with Prawn Ginger Chili
Thai Prawn & Pineapple Curry
Thai Basil Curry Risotto with Calamari
Thai Yellow Fish Curry
Thai Spicy Fish Cakes
Tortellini Funghi with Tom Yum
Tuna Curry with Apples
Tuna Tataki-style & Sambal Aioli
recipe by Chef Looi
Vietnamese Grill Fish
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