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Authentic Taste of Asia
WORLDFOODS takes you on a culinary world tour with fun, easy & delicious fruit ideas for breakfast, desserts and cocktails. Our all natural fruit toppings using "marriages" of exotic fruits are fresh, innovative ways to kick start your day and are also a pleasurable end to a great meal. Have a healthy and ‘sinful’ day with WORLDFOODS Ananas Bananas, Passion Pina, Pina Colada And Sih-nuh-muhn Pina Toppings.
Ananas Bananas
Passion Pina
Pina Colada
Sih-nuh-muhn Pina
Product Benefits
Convenient and easy to use.
100% natural, using fresh fruit and purees.
Do not contain artificial preservatives, colouring, flavouring, gluten or genetically modified ingredients.
Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.
Product Usage
Simply enjoy on its own, as a topping with ice cream, waffles, crepes, cereal or blended into smoothies. These are just a few usage suggestions. Let loose yourself and be creative! Various suggested world fruit recipes with WORLDFOODS’ Toppings can be found here.
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